Co-op Submarine Sim Barotrauma gets Huge New Update

The Beast Within update for Barotrauma adds a new giant submarine, character customization and many more ways to die horribly beneath the ocean.

Barotrauma is a kind of 2D co-op management horror game, set in a submarine exploring one of Jupiter’s moons, in which you and your crewmates must maintain the vessel and defend it against a never ending assault of chilling sub-oceanic alien monstrosities.

A new update, The Beast Within, launched yesterday, dropping out of nowhere along with a trailer showing off all the new ways you can land yourself a watery grave.


There are new monsters of course, including the Hammerhead Gold and the truly grotesque Hammerhead Matriarch; as well as new traitor missions, because worrying about sea monsters wasn’t enough and now you have to worry about your own crew murdering you too.

There is also a huge new submarine to venture forth in, extensive character customization options, updated AI, a new server browser and a tonne of quality-of-life improvements. The team at FakeFish and Untertow Games have also released a roadmap to lay out all the new content they’re working on for the future – check that out below.

Barotrauma is available on PC via Steam Early Access. Check out the new trailer below, or visit the game’s Steam Store page for more details about the game and the Beast Within update.