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Deck13 Announces Retro Action-Adventure Resolutiion

Upcoming 2D action adventure Resolutiion pays homage to SNES classics, with brutal combat and intense boss fights set in a dark cyberpunk dystopia.

Developed by indie studio Monolith of Minds and published by Deck13 Spotlight, Resolutiion cites The Legend of Zelda as an influence, although it looks to be a whole lot darker than Nintendo’s classic series.

“Our goal is to combine the fun we had in our childhood with a multi layered story which hopefully will make the players thoughtful”, explains Richard Beyer, one of the two brothers who founded Monolith of Minds. “And surprise them with an artistic expedition through a futuristic nightmare”, adds his brother Günther.

The narrative is described as dark story in which you might be playing the part of the hero or the villain. As an old killer by the name of Valor, you must infiltrate and destroy rebel terrorist organisation as they threaten to bring down the dystopian paradise the world has become.

Resolutiion will be heading to PC in early 2020, so visit the game’s Steam page to add it to your wishlist. Check out the teaser trailer below, or for more information about Resolutiion you should head over to the official website.

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