Does Death Stranding Have Guns and Combat?

Death Stranding 3

Does Death Stranding have guns and combat? Find out if you can shoot a ghost in the face.

Death Stranding is a thoroughly mind-bending game. Spawned from the brain-pan of Hideo Kojima, this open-world adventure has you reconnecting America by acting as a pan-continental delivery man. It’s mildly disappointing that you can’t just hoof your deliveries over a fence, then shove a tattered card through the letterbox, but Death Stranding is still a lot of fun.

But can you, as a bad-ass deliveryman, run around shooting enemies in the face, then punch a ghost for good measure?


The answer is… sort of.

Death Stranding does have guns and combat and some of the BTs – the enemies you face – can be dispatched with reasonable ease. However, Death Stranding is not an action game. If you run around as Norman Reedus thinking that nothing can stand up to you, you’re in for a disappointment.

Enemies aren’t as common as you might think in Death Stranding, and avoiding them is often the best strategy, particularly when it comes to some of the nastier BTs. You’d think that being hit with a poo-charged weapon would be enough to scare off the hardiest of nightmares – but that’s definitely not the case.