Earn Rewards with Mercy’s Recall Challenge in Overwatch

Overwatch‘s expert healer and medical researcher Mercy has a new challenge running until December 2nd, plus a new short story that delves into her past.

For the next few weeks, winning games and watching Overwatch on twitch can unlock you a bunch of rewards for Mercy, the head of medical research and invaluable healer on the battlefield.

This includes a player icon, eight new sprays and the legendary Dr. Zielgler skin. You can also get a deeper insight into Mercy from a new Overwatch short story, Valkyrie, in which Mercy faces her past and has to make the tough decision about whether to join the fight again.


You can read the new Valkrie short story here, and you should also check out the video below for a breakdown of Mercy’s Recall Challenge and the various rewards on offer.

Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.