Farmer’s Dynasty is Out Now on PS4 and Xbox One

Agricultural simulator Farmer’s Dynasty has just landed on consoles, and it looks like it might just be the ultimate farming game.

There are basically two strains of the farming simulator genre. One of them is… well, Farming Simulator, which focuses on realism with detailed machinery and lifelike 3D graphics.

The other variety is your Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley style game, which doesn’t reproduce the farming experience in a true to life way, but has an emphasis on the community and social aspects, with multiple fun characters to interact with.

Farmer’s Dynasty appears to mix the realistic agriculture and graphics of Farming Simulator with the social mechanics of Harvest Moon. The best of both worlds! Players can grow crops and rear animals, repair and renovate their farm, make friends and start a family, complete challenging quests and much more.

Farmer’s Dynasty isĀ available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Switch version coming soon. Check out the new launch trailer below, or head over to the game’s official website for more information.