Farming Simulator 20 Parodies Pokémon in New Trailer

Farming Simulator 20 is debuting on Nintendo Switch in December, so a new trailer informs us that we “gotta farm ’em all”.

Focus Home Interactive dropped the trailer onto its YouTube channel on Monday, celebrating the upcoming Switch release of Farming Simulator 20 on December 3rd.

Hilariously, anyone who has a passing awareness of Nintendo’s popular Pokémon franchise will find some aspects of the new trailer eerily familiar.


The iconic “gotta catch ’em all” tagline is tweaked to become “gotta farm ’em all”, presented in similar yellow and blue colours. This is followed by a showcase of various agricultural machinery and types of farm animal, all presented with fancy video editing and upbeat Pokémon-esque music.

Check out the new “Gotta farm ’em all” trailer below, or head to the official Farming Simulator website for more information. Farming Simulator 20 will be coming on December 3rd for Nintendo Switch as well as Android and iOS devices.

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