Hot Wheels-Style Racing Game Little Racer Gets a Huge Update

Little Racer, the Hot Wheels-style family racing game on Nintendo Switch, is getting a massive new update with 100 extra tracks and a new game mode.

Published by All In! Games and developed by The Knights of Unity, Little Racer sets out to bring the fun of slot cars onto the Nintendo Switch.

With crazy tracks that loop and corkscrew like a rollercoaster, a multitude of wacky obstacles to avoid and a track creator tool with limitless possibilities, this mini racer recaptures the magic of your beloved childhood toys.

The free new update will arrive on November 29th, and will include 100 (that’s right, 100) new tracks and also adds a “Challenge Mode”. This ranked competitive mode will let you race against other players all around the world.

Little Racer is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Check out the new trailer below for a look at the new update, or head over to the official Nintendo website for more information about the game.