How Long Does it Take to Beat Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 4 (1)

Like previous games in the series, Shenmue 3 isn’t a game you’re going to beat in one sitting.

Continuing the story directly from where Shenmue 2 came to a close, Shenmue 3 transports you to some wonderfully picturesque environments. Although don’t let the visuals fool you; Shenmue 3 doesn’t reinvent the series, the gameplay is firmly rooted in the past.

Play through Shenmue 3 engaging in a little side-content along the way, which you should, and you’re likely to find it lasting you 20-25 hours. That’s about the same as previous games in the series. If you do find yourself getting addicted to training, gambling or carrying out menial tasks for money, however, then that playtime could be extended.

Shenmue 3 also has multiple difficulty levels, so you may want to go back and play through it on a harder difficulty at some point. There are no trophies for doing so though, which means you can also just stick it on easy and blast through it a bit quicker if you want. It’s up to you.