How to Buy Cars in Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed heat

As you play through Need for Speed Heat, you’re going to want to buy some new cars.

To be able to buy new cars in Need for Speed Heat you need two thing: Bank and Rep. Bank is the currency used to buy cars that are available, and you earn that primarily be completing races during daytime. Rep is primarily accumulated by racing and escaping cops at nighttime. The higher your Rep level, the more cars and performance upgrades there are available for you to buy.

Once cars have been unlocked for purchase and you have a decent amount of Bank, to buy cars in Need for Speed Heat you need to visit the Dealership during daytime. You can’t buy cars at night. You’ll find the Dealership in the Palm City Raceway area, which is on the right-hand side of the map. It’s icon looks like two hands coming together. Drive, or fast travel to the Dealership, and press the right shoulder button to enter it.


Once in the dealership, you can browse all of the cars available in Need for Speed Heat. There are over 120 cars available – you can view a full list of them here, along with their unlock requirements. Browse through the cars available for purchase, and you’ll notice those that you can’t afford have pink text.

Before buying a car, pay attention to its performance rating – the higher the better. Also, take a look at the graph that indicates the car’s strengths: Race vs Drift, and Road vs Off-Road. You can tune pretty much any car to be adequate for any type of event, but some are naturally better than others. By pressing in the left stick, you can also view a car’s top speed and other useful information.