How to Change Clothes in Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 1 (1)

Ryo Hazuki looks cool in his iconic jacket as you wander around in Shenmue 3, but you can make him look a little different if you want.

Every once in a while, you might want to give Ryo Hazuki or even Shenhua Ling a different look. And you can do that quite easily in Shemnue 3.

To change a character’s clothing, simply open up the game’s menu with the right shoulder button, and then select the Settings option. Once you’re in the Settings menu, go down to the Change Clothes option and press left or right on the d-pad to select either Ryo or Shenhua, then press X to view the clothing they have available. Upon selecting an outfit, you’ll find that you can customise each character’s top, trousers and shoes. Note that you won’t be able to select Shenhua unless you have some clothing unlocked for her.

Clothing can be acquired in multiple ways in Shenmue 3. Some items of clothing can be bought from shops. Do some in-game jobs if you need some money to buy them. Clothing can also be acquired by DLC, so if you don’t mind spending some real-world money you can obtain some easily that way.