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How to Complete Superliminal – Full Video Walkthrough

Out now, Superliminal is a first-person puzzle game that revolves around forced perspective.

It’s a massive trip for your brain, and it’s a lot of fun – providing you don’t get stuck on any of its puzzles. If you’re finding yourself at an impasse, watch our walkthrough video below to find out how to complete Superliminal.

While not very long if you know what you’re doing – the video walkthrough is 50 minutes long – it’s a game worth experiencing, and we’d advise trying to figure it out for yourself before looking for a hint.

But if you do get stuck, never fear. Watch the video below. If you need to jump to a specific section of the game, here’s a list of each chapter and the time stamp in the video you’ll find it at:

  • 00:53 Induction
  • 05:57 Optical
  • 10:41 Cubism
  • 14:18 Blackout
  • 19:59 Clone
  • 24:38 Dollhouse
  • 30:38 Labyrinth
  • 39:22 Whitespace
  • 47:12 Retrospect

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