How to Drift in Need for Speed Heat

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While drifting isn’t necessary in Need for Speed Heat outside of drift events, you can drift your way to success in every event type if you’d like.

Pretty much every car can be turned into a machine capable of drifting in Need for Speed Heat, it’s all just a matter of equipping the right parts.

When buying cars in Need for Speed Heat, you’ll see that there’s a square chart with a dot on it. That indicates the car’s base handling parameters, as well as if it’s more suitable to the road or off-road. If you want to drift like a maniac, you want a car which has a dot in the right hand side of the square, as that means it’s more inclined to drift when cornering.


To further enhance a car’s drifting capabilities in Need for Speed Heat, equip upgrades that push the dot even further to the right. Upgrades such as drift suspension and drift tyres make a huge difference, while others have an impact but not as much. You might find that your car drifts too much when pushed all the way to max drift tendency though – it’s all about finding a balance.

When your car’s tuned to drift, you’ll find that just turning often gets the back end out. If you want to force a drift, however, simply turn, release the gas, then slam back on the gas; the back end will come out and you’ll start drifting. At that point it’s up to you to get the angle and speed just right to keep the drift going. If you’d rather tap the brake to start a drift, bring up the live tuning menu with the d-pad while exploring and you can enable that there, as well as fine tune other handling options.

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