How to Escape the Police in Need for Speed Heat

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Racing at night is dangerous in Need for Speed Heat, but you’re going to need to do it to progress through its campaign and unlock new cars and upgrades.

While racing during the daytime enables you to earn valuable Bank in Need for Speed Heat, it’s useless if you have nothing to spend it on. Racing at night is the only way to substantially increase your Rep, unlocking new cars for purchase and more advanced upgrades. But at night, the police are out in full force, making your life much harder.

When you first catch the attention of the police during a nit time session in Need for Speed Heat, you’ll probably be able to outrun them pretty easily as your heat level is low. As your heat level rises, however, the police get much harder to evade. At heat level three or more, escaping the cops becomes very tricky indeed.


To end a night in Need for Speed Heat and bank your Rep, you need to make it to a safe house while the police aren’t chasing you. It’s better to end your night while your heat level is high, as any Rep you’ve earned is multiplied by your heat level. So, to get the most Rep, you need to complete races while evading the police. And when you do get into chases, you need to lose the cops and then decide if you wish to carry on or not. Get caught, either by being busted or having your car destroyed, and you’ll lose considerable Bank. The Rep you earn will also be considerably reduced.

Escaping the Police

To escape the police, the best thing you can do is outrun them if you have a fast car. Simply head for long, wide stretches of road and go as fast as you can. Make use of boost if you need to. Maintain a high speed for long enough and most police cars just can’t keep up. Alternatively, if your car is slow but weighty, you can try and take down police cars by crashing into them. Destroying police cars makes your heat level rise pretty quickly though.

For a bit of extra help escaping the police, consider equipping some Auxiliary skills. The passive Radar Disruptor makes it harder for police to find you on their radars, while the active Killswitch Jammer allows you to stop Killswitch attacks by pressing the B button on Xbox One and the Circle button on PS4. If you want to smash police cars, there’s an Auxiliary passive available that increases the damage that you do.

There’s no surefire way to escape the police in Need for Speed Heat, it’s all just about out-racing or out-manoeuvring them. Just try to avoid the police where possible and earn Rep while completing races. And never get too greedy; if you’ve earned a lot of Rep and have just escaped from the police, seriously consider if it’s worth trying to get more or banking it by going back to a safe house. You’ll often decide that it’s better to have something than nothing at all.

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