How to Fish in Pokémon Sword and Shield

In Pokémon Sword and Shield, you get a fishing rod in your inventory right from the start. But how do you fish?

While there’s plenty of water, you can’t just go fishing in Pokémon Sword and Shield anywhere you’d like. Nor can you pull out your fishing rod whenever you please: it’s a piece of equipment that stays in your inventory until the game lets you use it.

You can only fish in areas of Pokémon Sword and Shield where you can see ripples in the water. You’ll see a clear circle in the water, rippling as a fish moves underneath.

If you face the ripples and press ‘A’, your character will automatically pull out their fishing rod and cast a line into the ripples.

You’ll need to wait a few seconds until the ripples begin to move more violently, then quickly press ‘A’ again to reel in your line.

You won’t just automatically catch a fish: you’ll enter a battle sequence with a water-type Pokémon. So make sure you’re up for a fight before you begin fishing.