How to Listen to Music You’ve Unlocked in Death Stranding

Death Stranding 3

No doubt the best moments in Death Stranding are those when a brilliant piece of music kicks in while you’re exploring.

For minutes you’re treat to a sumptuous track as you run across grass, climb rocks and wade through water. But did you know that once you’ve heard a track you can play it again? Though not while you’re making deliveries, unfortunately.

You’ll visit your Private Room quite often in Death Stranding. There, you can drink some Monster Energy, pull funny faces in a mirror, or even take a shower. The best thing to do in the Private Room, however, is chill out and listen to some music.


To play music while you’re in the Private Room, simply move the camera around until it’s facing the large screen on the left. Press the Circle button to interact with it, and you’ll see that one of the functions on the left is a music player. Select the music player function and all the tracks you have available will be displayed. Set one playing, and you’ll find that you can leave the screen and enjoy the music while you do other things in the Private Room.

Additional tracks are unlocked as you play through Death Stranding, so if you want more songs to listen to, just keep playing through the campaign.