How to Restore Your Health in Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3 3 (1)

Thanks to your health and stamina being combined, even running is bad for your health in Shenmue 3.

Simply run from one place to another and you’ll find your health depleted in no time, limiting your ability to run further and putting you in a bad place if you do get into a fight. For that reason, you’re going to want to regularly top up your health in Shenmue 3.

To restore your health in Shenmue 3 you need to consume food. And to get food you need money. Once you have some money, head to a shop or anywhere you can exchange some of your hard-earned cash for groceries and buy some. It’s generally not too expensive, but it’s better to buy items that heal more health in one go rather than 100 carrots that restore 30HP each.


Once you have some food items in your inventory, access them by opening the game’s menu with the right shoulder button and then selecting food. You can then browse all the food items you have and see how much HP they restore. Once you’ve settled on the food you’re going to eat, simply select it with the X button and then press left on the d-pad to eat it.

If you want to heal during combat, you’re going to need to invest in some Snake Power drinks. They restore 50% of your HP and can be used during combat by simply pressing the d-pad in any direction. Make sure you’re always carrying a couple of them in Shenmue 3 to be on the safe side, eh?