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How to Save Your Game in Shenmue 3

After the longest wait, Shenmue 3 is finally here.

As eager as we all are to play it, however, chances are we’re not going to want to complete it one sitting. That means we’re going to want to save our progress – a process that Shenmue 3 doesn’t explain very well, if at all.

The good news is that you can pretty much save your game at any point in Shenmue 3. As long as you can bring up the game’s menu, you can save. That means you can cheese some aspects of it such as the many gambling games you find as you explore.

To save your game in Shenmue 3, first you need to bring up the game’s menu. On PS4, you do that by pressing the right shoulder button on your controller. From there, go down to the Settings option and press X. Once you’re in the Settings menu you should see a Save/Load option, move down to that and press X again. You’re then able to select a save slot and save your game.

If you wish to load progress instead, simply follow the same instructions but press left or right on the d-pad on the Save/Load option to select load instead of save.

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