How to Unlock Ultimate Parts in Need for Speed Heat

Need for Speed Heat 7 (1)

When playing through Need for Speed Heat and upgrading your car, you might spot that there are some parts that aren’t unlocked simply by increasing your Rep level.

If you’re wanting to max out your car’s performance, you’re going to need to unlock Ultimate parts, and that’s only possible by completing Need for Speed Heat’s High Heat Races.

High Heat Races in Need for Speed Heat are very challenging, so you’re probably better off trying to attempt them when you’ve put a decent amount of time into the game and learned the map. When you feel you are ready, to access High Heat Races you need to explore Palm City at night, and raise your heat level to 3 or higher.


How you get to heat level 3 is up to you, but to prepare for High Heat Races it’s best to avoid the police as much as possible. Complete events without getting caught, and move to new areas of the map afterwards where there’s less police presence. And when you’re close to heat level 3, perhaps try to complete some activities to nudge you over the threshold.

Once you’ve hit heat level three, check your map to see if any High Heat Races are available – their icons are the same as other events, but they have a heat level next to them. Place your cursor over the event and you’ll see that it’s a High Heat Race, awarding you a considerable amount of Rep and Bank if completed, as well as a performance part.

To start a High Heat Race in Need for Speed Heat you need to drive to it as usual, and you can’t be currently being pursued by cops. Your opponents in High Heat Races scale to your car, so they’re always challenging, and police will have more of a presence, too, making matters more complicated. Win the race and the rewards are great, however. But to bank your Rep, Bank and random performance part, which could be a valuable Ultimate level part, you need to safely make it back to a safe house.

If you hit heat level three and there are no High Heat Races available, progress further into Need for Speed Heat to unlock more events. Or you can increase your heat level further, to see if any High Heat Races are available at heat level 4 or 5. They’ll be even harder still, but will offer higher rewards. Escaping the police won’t be so easy though.

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