If You Love to Organise, You Should Be Playing Wilmot’s Warehouse

I’m not a very organised person but I’ll be damned if I let Wilmot down.

On paper, Wilmot’s Warehouse isn’t the kind of game that I’d enjoy. My life is incredibly unorganised. I have a place for certain things, but most items in my home – my clothes, paperwork, dishes – end up on my bedroom floor until I’m so ashamed with myself that I have to clean it up. So Wilmot’s Warehouse, a game entirely dedicated to organising, did not feel like a natural fit.

But after watching an hour or so of game play online. I fell in love with Wilmot’s little happy square face and the idea of being able to be completely set free in a giant empty space that would soon be filled up with oodles and oodles of products.


In Wilmot’s Warehouse, you’re in charge of organising an entire warehouse of products so when your fellow co-workers come to order those products you can deliver them quickly and efficiently. It sounds easy enough but trust me, once you’ve got twenty to thirty new products in a warehouse already packed full, you’ll find yourself troubled by the idea of incorporating them into your perfect system.

The faster that you can deliver your products to your co-workers, the more money you’ll earn to buy things like more space in your warehouse, a little robot to help you organise, or a large map of your warehouse so you can see an overview of the hot mess that you’ve created.

What amazed me so much about Wilmot’s Warehouse was that, even when I stepped away from the game for a week or so, I could still remember where almost all of my products were when I came back because I’d organised them so well. Some of my big sections include: food and food related products, buildings, weather, random shapes (this is my biggest area filled with so many shaped I go cross-eyed just thinking about it) and musical instruments.

Of course you’ll come across blocks that don’t fit into any of the categories that you’ve created, so you’ll likely make a new category called “things I don’t know what do with”. By the time you realise that this section actually takes up most of your warehouse, it will be too late to do anything about it.

Sounds stressful, right? Yet surprisingly, Wilmot’s Warehouse is incredibly fun and relaxing. Sure, it can be a bit crazy at times when you’re trying your darnedest to get those pesky products to your co-workers and you just can’t seem to make it within the time crunch, but you’ll play the next day anyway. And the next day. And then you’ll finally reach a magical stock take day, where you’re able to take your time reorganising and take a breather. Those are my absolute favourite.

For the price of $14.99 Wilmot’s Warehouse is well worth it for those of us that love to organise. Or, more likely, those of us who want to be organised but the thought of organising their real-life stuff is too much to bear so want a video game they can live vicariously through. That’s Wilmot’s Warehouse. You’re going to love it. It’s available on  Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.