Indie Puzzler Fractured Minds is Raising Money for Mental Health

Launching today, award-winning puzzle game Fractured Minds from 17-year-old Emily Mitchell is funding a new Mental Health charity in the gaming community.

Puzzle adventure game Fractured Minds, which won a BAFTA Young Games Designers award for its developer Emily Mitchell in 2017, is based on Mitchell’s own experiences with severe anxiety, and seeks to improve understanding and create solidarity around mental health issues.

The game takes players through a deeply personal and touching journey through the psyche, with chapters focusing on various aspects and challenges associated with mental health, and how these distorted perceptions of the world can affect us.


Launching today (November 14th) on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, 80% of proceeds will be split evenly between Mitchell and ‘Safe In Our World‘, a new games industry charity focused on raising and supporting mental health awareness.

Available digitally on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC for just £1.79/$1.99, it won’t cost much to experience this emotional interactive story for yourself and support a worthy cause while you’re at it. Check out the new launch trailer below for a look at the game and some of the background behind its creation.