Is Death Stranding an Open World Game?

Death Stranding 1

Is Death Stranding an open world game? Or are you going to hit an invisible wall the moment you wander off the beaten track? Read on.

Death Stranding is a thoroughly mind-bending game. Spawned from the brain-pan of Hideo Kojima, this open-world adventure has you reconnecting America by acting as a pan-continental delivery man. It’s mildly disappointing that you can’t just hoof your deliveries over a fence, then shove a tattered card through the letterbox, but Death Stranding is still a lot of fun.

But can Death Stranding be described accurately as an open world game? Kojima’s last published game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was completely open world – and we’re happy to report Death Stranding is open world too.


You can roam the game’s map however you see fit, though you can expect to run into enemies (some human, some not) along the way.

There’s a sort-of explanation for why Death Stranding‘s America is such a barren wasteland, more hills and valleys than anything else; but bare or not, it’s still fun to explore. You’re not just on foot either, but don’t expect to be able to jump-climb your way up every mountain. Once you’ve completed Death Stranding, you have the freedom to keep roaming, catching up on any side-quests you might have missed out on.