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Little Big Workshop is an Adorable and Enjoyable Simulation Game

Even someone little can do big things.

The simulation genre is a popular one. People love being able to create their own big businesses, mastering the art of creating and selling products. Little Big Workshop is a new title in the simulation genre and its name says it all: you’ll start out little, but before long your workshop will be doing big things.

You’ll start out in Little Big Workshop with one customer (who calls you on a rotary phone – um, what year is it?). You and your tiny workers will use your shiny new workbench to create some wooden gnomes for the guy who continues to bring you good business along with other customers that will begging you for products before long.

Despite starting out pretty easy, things quickly get complicated as more customers, machines, material and products are thrown into the mix. Customers requests get increasingly more complex and will require you to meet a certain number of specific attributes before you can create it. You may have to use a hard metal, a certain type of wood, and a large workbench for some products – and completely different materials for something else.

You’ll also need to make sure that you’re taking care of your workers in Little Big Workshop. This isn’t a sweatshop, you know! You’ll need to allow them to take proper breaks during their shift. Other than that, they’ll work around the clock to make sure that your business is the best it can be.

Despite its complexity though, Little Big Workshop eases you in with numerous tutorials so you know what you’re doing. They’re very well delivered, and go a long way in stopping you getting overwhelmed by the challenges that come your way. By the time you realise your workshop has grown quadruple the size of your original, you’ll be a seasoned pro trained and ready to take on anything the game throws at you.

With adorable characters and a pleasant art style, Little Big Workshop is a great addition to the simulation genre. Its excellent tutorials and straightforward control scheme make it easy to get invested in. Whether your’e a seasoned pro at the genre or dipping your toes in for the first time, Little Big Workshop is worth your time. Keep your eye out for this one folks, it’s a joy to play.

Little Big Workshop is available on PC.

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