Man of Medan Gives Every Player a Free Friend’s Pass

Man of Medan urges you not to play alone, gifting a free friend’s pass to everyone who owns a copy of Supermassive Games’ acclaimed atmospheric horror game.

This free pass will allow players to invite a single friend to join them in Man of Medan‘s shared story mode, without the friend owning the game themselves, only requiring the free trial version on the same platform.

The pass can only be used with one friend, tied to a single save file, but it will allow you to  experience a full playthrough together.


This offer will be available to anyone who purchases a copy of Man of Medan before January 6th, when the passes expire. Follow the instructions below to rope your friend into a psychological horror nightmare:

In addition to the free friend’s pass, the Curator’s Cut “alternative path” is also now available to all players, providing additional scenes and an alternate viewpoint that is unlocked after completing the main story once.

Man of Medan is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the Friend’s Pass announcement trailer below, or head over to the Dark Pictures Anthology website for more information about the game.

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