Mighty Quest For Epic Loot: How to Complete Epic Pass Season 2 Week 5 Missions

Wondering how to complete the missions in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s season two week five ? Here’s everything you need to know.

Mobile game Mighty Quest packs in a lot of different challenges for players to complete. Some of the most lucrative of those are part of the Epic Pass.

Each week, new missions are posted, and they offer a lot of rewards to reap. However: the missions are often listed in the form of riddles, and not all of them are too obvious to complete.


Sadly, some of the missions are locked under a paywall: you’ll need to buy the epic pass to unlock them and reap all the rewards. But even if you’re just playing for free, there’s some loot to be earned.

Here’s each mission, and what you need to do to complete them. Don’t worry if you don’t complete them all before Week two is over; they’ll remain accessible for the duration of Mighty Quest For Epic Loot’s Season two, which runs for 90 days.

Missed previous missions? Here’s our guides for week oneweek two, week three and week four.

Time to dust the most haunted aisle of the Library. Make sure the ghost presence gets Watered down in the process.

Act 9 is where you’ll find the Library, and it seems that Act 9, Level 2 is the most haunted level. I completed this with a full set of water gear. Auto-win was enough to unlock the reward.

My Roman ancestors like their boars medium-rare. A well-timed Skill of yours shall roast them the same way.

You’ll find boars on Act 4, Level 9. You need to defeat 10 of them using the Thunderstrike skill in order to unlock the reward.

Bay Way to put a Giant Rat Wizard to shame? Wearing a 5 Stars gear. A Blessed and Burning one of course.

The giant rat wizard refers to Magic Mike, the boss of Act 7. You’ll find him on Act 7, Level 10. You’ll need to wear at least one 5-star piece of equipment, that also happens to be blessed (epic weapons and activated set weapons are blessed) and make sure it’s fire class.

A Skeleton shooter wearing a Spaniard Helmet? Greet him with your own range weapon along with nothing but 4 Stars gear!

The skeleton shooter refers to Calcium Clyde, he’s a boss you’ll find in Act 9, Level 5.  You’re going to need to equip a ranged weapon, and everything else needs to be four stars. The ranged weapon can be any rating (mine was 5 stars). You can unlock the reward with auto-win.

The antepenultimate Goblin Fort seems pretty weak… but can you complete it without taking a single hit?

“Antepenultimate” means two before the last. And the goblin forts appear in Act 2. So the level we need here is Act 2, Level 8. It’s a fairly easy level to complete without taking a hit – just watch out for the cannons, and make sure you move out of the way when the red circle appears below your feet. Using a ranged weapon will help.

Who let a Giant Boar within the Cathedral? Send it back to hell in the most noble way: Only 4 Stars Gear. Hard mode.

The giant boar refers to Charging Charles, who you’ll find in Act 4, Level 10. Make sure you’re only wearing 4-star gear, head to hard mode and hope for the best!

Find me the highest vessel’s bow of Opulencia and I shall perform one of my best leaps of faith.

“Vessel’s bow” refers to part of a ship – and the levels of Act 6 are all shaped like ships. The ‘highest’ vessel’s bow, then, is Act 6, Level 9. Completing the level with an auto-win is enough to unlock the reward. (Thanks to Griffin M. for your help with this!)