Path of Exile 2 and Path of Exile Mobile Announced

Path of Exile Header

Grinding Gear Games has announced a new story campaign will be coming to its huge free-to-play online ARPG, referred to as Path of Exile 2.

Sequels might not work in quite the same way when it comes to ongoing free-to-play live service games, but Grinding Gear Games is promising that Path of Exile 2 will deliver a brand new seven-act storyline which will be available alongside the original Path of Exile campaign.

There will also be 19 new ascendency classes, a new skill gem system, new equipment, character models, animations and much more. Let’s face it, for a game that provides its players with so much regular new content anyway, for Grinding Gear Games to call this a sequel must mean it’s a pretty huge update.


The announcement came during the first ever ExileCon in New Zealand, where Grinding Gear also announced that it has plans to bring Path of Exile to mobile devices. The announcement trailer describes how the team will be developing the mobile version in-house, and will be consciously trying to avoid some of the anti-consumer practices that are rife in the current mobile gaming market.

What with Blizzard also recently having unveiled its next dungeon crawler RPG Diablo 4, some fans have interpreted the Path of Exile 2 announcement as a shot at the larger company. Founder of Grinding Gear Games Chris Wilson thinks competition is good for the genre, however, telling PC Gamer: “If both games are good, I think it’s a win for everyone”.

We don’t yet know anything about Path of Exile Mobile‘s release date, and Grinding Gear has stated that a beta for Path of Exile 2 will likely not be around until late 2020 at the earliest, so it looks like fans have a long wait ahead of them. Check out the trailers for both newly announced projects below, or head to the official ExileCon thread for more information.