Play a Free Demo for Gory Retro FPS Hellbound on PC Now

A tribute to balls-to-the-wall 90s first person shooters, Hellbound just dropped a free demo on Steam that might tide you over until DOOM Eternal comes out.

Published by Nimble Giant and developed by Argentina-based indie studio Saibot Studios, Hellbound is a blood-soaked FPS stuffed with excessive violence and over-the-top action.

Jump into the shoes of Hellgore, a demon-smashing badass with an arsenal of crazy weapons, such as the Triple Shotgun and the Infamous Indolora. Taking clear inspiration from classics such as the original DOOM and Quake, Hellbound is planned for release some time next year, but you can download and play a free demo on PC right now.

The newly released demo lets you experience one of the early chapters in Hellbound‘s story campaign. Take on the forces of evil in the Unholy Lands of Hell, a once sacred place that has become forgotten and corrupted.

You can check out the new Campaign Demo Trailer below – expect a tonne of blood and guts, as well as a rockin’ metal soundtrack! You can also head to the official Hellbound website for more info, and to the game’s Steam Store page to access the free demo.

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