“Reverse Horror” Carrion Slithers onto Xbox One in 2020


Devolver Digital’s wonderfully gory Carrion, in which you devour people as an amorphous clump of sentient viscera, is coming to Xbox One next year.

Already announced for PC, Devolver Digital and Phobia Game Studio have now revealed that Carrion will also be oozing onto Xbox One come launch day, which is set for some time next year.

Billed as a “reverse horror game”, you assume the role of a vicious and hungry abomination, stalking your way around what appears to be a military research facility using squishy red tendrils (which are animated in a way that is honestly hypnotic to watch).


Revealed at E3 earlier this year, Carrion instantly gained a lot of attention to become one of Devolver’s most anticipated games. Spread and evolve as you consume the facility that once imprisoned you, aquiring more and more deadly abilities along the way.

You can watch the brief yet pleasantly gooey Xbox announcement trailer below, and seriously, check out those tendrils!

Carrion will be coming to Xbox One and PC next year.