2Still. Not. Bitten. (Season 2, Episode 1)

Season 2 of The Walking Dead sees Clementine truly alone for the first time since she was found hiding in her treehouse in the first episode of Season 1. She has been split up from Christa, the woman who was taking care of her, and has to find food on her own. When Clementine attempts to befriend a stray dog, he bites her arm in an attempt to steal food from her. A few moments later she’s discovered by two men who accuse her of being bitten by a walker.

The two men return to their group and they all decide that Clementine should stay in their shed, locked up until morning so they can see if she turns into a zombie or not. Clementine, not one to listen to what other people tell her, sneaks out of the shed, steals medical supplies to patch up the wound on her arm and goes back into the shed where she is attacked by a zombie who she dispatches completely on her own.

In the morning, when the group opens the shed and they see that Clementine has not only patched herself up, hasn’t turned, and fended off a zombie, she says the words, “Still. Not. Bitten.” This is a powerful moment for Clementine who has proven herself to be a valuable asset that can clearly take care of herself.