3Lee’s Determination (Season 1, Episode 5)

I don’t know anyone who didn’t immediately fall in love with The Walking Dead‘s season 1 protagonist Lee Everett. Sure, when you’re introduced to him he’s on his way to jail for killing a man, but it doesn’t take the player long to recognise that he’s truly a good man at heart.

One of the moments in the first season with the biggest impact, at least for me, was when Lee finds out where Clementine is after she has been kidnapped by a stranger. In my game Lee was missing an arm and then, equipped with a large cleaver, he slices and dices his way through a large group of zombies to get to the hotel where Clementine is waiting. He’s so close to death that the zombies don’t even notice him. It’s a huge moment for the character, when he realises that he would really do anything, even sacrifice himself, to save and protect that little girl.