4Clem Revealed as New Frontier (Season 3, Episode 2)

There were quite a few big moments that happened in season 3 of The Walking Dead but none quite as impactful as when Clementine is revealed to be an old member of The New Frontier. Season 3 was the first season where players were introduced to a completely new group of people unrelated to Clementine, Javier the ex-baseball star and his family. When the group runs into Clementine, there’s chemistry there and, despite their efforts to not get attached to each other, Clementine and Javier’s family really connect.

Perhaps one of the most complicated decisions to make in season 3 is right after Clementine reveals to Javier that she is a part of The New Frontier, a group of survivors that are responsible for the death of many fellow survivors including Javier’s niece. As Javier, you have to decide whether to trust that Clementine has left the horrible group for good or, make the choice to betray her because of this secret she kept from you. It’s a huge moment for the player as well as Javier as a character because you have to decide who you really trust and possibly betray Clementine for the first time ever in the series.