Virginia Developers Reveal Last Stop, a Narrative Game Set in London

Last night during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox stream live from X019 in London, Annapurna Interactive and Variable State revealed their next game, Last Stop.

Variable State is the studio behind Virginia, the Twin Peaks-esque narrative adventure from 2016 that kept us hooked and confused with its bizarre story. Last Stop looks as if it’ll take us on a similarly perplexing journey judging by its first trailer.

Last Stop is described as “a video game about secret lives, the ties that bind and how magic can be found in the mundane”. I don’t know about you, but I’m already sold on that. It takes place in modern-day London, and the narrative is told from the perspective of three separate characters. We’ll get to pay as them individually and see how their lives interact with each other as the story progresses.


Each character has their own unique story to tell, making Last Stop feel like an anthology drama – but those stories will come together at some point during the game. It’s fully voiced, and features a somewhat simplified 3D aesthetic, not dissimilar to what we saw in Virginia – although slightly less polygonal.

Give the trailer a watch below:

There’s no set release date for Last Stop just yet: it’ll be coming to consoles and PC at some point in early 2020. We’re looking forward to this one, so we’ll have more news on it closer to release.