We All Fall Down, We Happy Few’s Concluding DLC, is Coming Next Week

We All Fall Down, a new expansion for Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is landing in November, and it will be the game’s conclusion.

We Happy Few recieved a mixed reception when it launched back in 2018, but most people agreed it had an interesting story and a unique world, even if it was made less enjoyable by some questionable design choices such as the out of place survival elements.

Well, those survival elements are nowhere to be found in We All Fall Down, an upcoming DLC expansion which will conclude the story of We Happy Few.


We All Fall Down will featured a more finely tuned experience, promising a focus on storytelling and fast-paced action without the need for eating, sleeping and crafting getting in the way. As Victoria Byng, you will be able to traverse the rooftops of Wellington Wells and use expanded combat options to fight against the system keeping everyone oppressed.

Owners of the We Happy Few Season Pass will have access to We All Fall Down at launch, when it lands on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on November 19th. Check out the new trailer below to get a look at Victoria’s new whip and dart gun, or take a look at Gearbox and Compulsion’s press release for more info.

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