Annual Game Composers’ Christmas Album Out Now

Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. IV, the latest holiday album featuring remixed video game tracks, is out now, with the whole collection available at a festive discount.

The Scarlet Moon Christmas series gets game composers to remix various video game tracks in a festive spirit, as well as create unique arrangements of holiday classics.

This year’s offering, Scarlet Moon Christmas Vol. IV, features music from Celeste, Fallout 4 and Octopath Traveller among others.


Chiptune artist Coda also gives his own funky 16-bit spin on “My Favourite Things” from The Sound of Music, and Runner3 composer Stemage provides a cover of “Christmas Don’t Be Late”.

To celebrate Cyber Monday, Scarlet Moon is providing 20% off its entire Bandcamp catalogue, including Scarlet Moon Christmas IV, with the discount code CYBERMONDAY2019 at checkout.

For more information about Scarlet Moon Records and their Christmas series, head over to the official website.