Bigben Reveals the Improvements Coming to TT Isle Of Man – Ride On The Edge 2

TT Isle Of Man – Ride On The Edge 2 will be a modern and up-to-date simulation of the world’s most renowned and dangerous motorcycle racing event.

The original Ride On The Edge impressed us here at GameSpew, delivering on its goal of recreating the intense TT Isle of Man race in a tight and well-put-together package, sure to please hardcore racing enthusiasts despite being a bit light on content.

We learned earlier this year that a sequel was on the way, and now Bigben has revealed more details about what we can expect from it. The publisher is claiming that the entire engine has been rebuilt from the ground up to deliver the most realistic bike physics possible.

Developed by KT Racing, TT Isle Of Man – Ride On The Edge 2 has a more integrated gyroscopic system, speed wobbles alerting drivers to imminent falls, more accurately detailed brakes and shock absorber physics, as well as opponents slipstreams which can be used to pick up extra speed.

Managing wear and tear, engine, suspension and tyre temperature are also part of the experience, with each being vitally important if you aim to complete the full 60km circuit (and the full six laps of the race!).

TT Isle Of Man – Ride On The Edge 2 will be out on PC and consoles some time in 2020. Check out the new trailer below for a detailed look at all of the game’s updates, features and improvements.