Clumsy Rush is a Party Game With Ham-Fisted Hippos

Coming very soon to Switch and Xbox One, Clumsy Rush is a party game that lets players race against each other as bumbling hippos.

Grab the crown and cross the finish line – doesn’t sound too hard, does it? Well it might be a bit trickier than you think, when you’re a clumsy hippopotamus waddling through a colourful cartoon world with all manner of obstacles in your way. Coming first to the Nintendo Switch on December 23rd, then landing on the Xbox One either this month or January 2020, Clumsy Rush promises plenty of family fun this Christmas.

Players must be wearing the shiny golden crown to cross the finish line, so competitors will spend the race fighting and bumping each other to try and grab or steal it. Choose from 27 playable hippos, then control them by continuously pressing alternate shoulder buttons for the right and left leg. 25 game modifications and 47 random levels are also available to play with, adding a tonne of fun and variety.


The publisher RedDeerGames will be donating part of the game’s budget towards protecting real-life hippos in Africa, and adopting hippos through Save the Hippos.

Clumsy Rush is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 23rd, then to Xbox One soon afterwards. Check out the teaser trailer below, or head over to the official RedDeerGames website for more information.