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Guy Beats Time Crisis II in One Life – As Player 1 and 2 Simultaneously

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This viral twitter video shows someone using BOTH GUNS at a Time Crisis II cabinet, giving one of the most stylish performances you’ve ever seen.

So a man walks into an arcade…

…and proceeds to fully complete the classic rail-shooter Time Crisis II, playing as both Player 1 and Player 2 simultaneously, on just one coin for each gun. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the whole playthrough is clearly a theatrical performance to this guy. He takes every opportunity to show off by physically holstering and reloading his guns, ducking his head and striking poses.

The video was recorded and uploaded by twitter user Andy Khouri (@andykhouri), who was one of the lucky witnesses to this display.

Last night I saw one of the craziest damn things I’ve ever seen in all my days,” he comments, adding: “Notice how he looks at one screen while actually shooting at the other … he’s lived through this crisis of time again and again in a relentless pursuit of what I can only describe as pure enlightenment.”

I think most of us can only dream of getting this good at an arcade game, and then pulling it off so stylishly. Props to this guy, who must have dedicated quite a large portion of his life to learning this game inside out (and probably a fair few coins too), but I dare anyone to watch this video and think it wasn’t worth it.

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