Monster Jam Steel Titans Gets a Massive New Update

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 (1)

THQ Nordic and Rainbow Studios add a Career+ mode and all new challenges to  Monster Jam Steel Titans, with its biggest patch ever: the Titans Update.

When GameSpew reviewed Monster Jam Steel Titans back in March, we weren’t exactly blown away by it; mostly due to a lack of content or features to make the most of its solid core gameplay. Rainbow Studios has kept adding more and more stuff since its release though, and with the addition of its largest ever update, maybe it’s worth giving the game another chance.

The Titan Update brings more Titan Challenges, in which players can earn game-changing rewards by snatching first place in each of the 12 events. A new “Career+” mode reworks the Arena, Stadium and Outdoor career modes at Steel Titan Difficulty; and also brings overcast varients of the Grave Digger, Megalodon and Dragon Monster Jam Trucks. Six new Arena Timed Destruction events and three Waypoint events have also been added.

Monster Jam Steel Titans is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Check out the Titans Update trailer below, or head over to the game’s official website for a more detailed breakdown of the new content.