Neon Noodles is a Creative Kitchen Simulator That Requires a Lot of Brain Power

The saddest part about being a robot that makes noodles is you can’t eat them afterwards.

I’ve always dreamed of being a Michelin star chef in a world-renowned restaurant. That’s a lie. But I do still really like cooking games. Especially video games that allow you to control your own robot chefs so you’re not having to do any of the hard work.

If you’ve ever played games like Human Resource Machine or Opus Magnum then you’ll be familiar with how things work in Neon Noodles, the newest title from developer Vivid Helix. You’re in charge of a group of robot chefs who are ready and raring to cook some delicious food. In your cyberpunk, neon, futuristic food factory, the robots follow your every command – so if things go haywire it’s pretty much all your fault.


Things start out very simply in Neon Noodles with you controlling a single robot in charge of cutting up and selling simple dishes like avocado, shrimp or boiled rice. Things will quickly escalate, however, when you’re required to prepare the food as well. This might sound easy, but you have to get your line of coding (i.e turn robot left, pick up food, move down, turn left, cook food, etc.) exactly right in order for the robot to make the food and deliver it correctly.

Neon Noodles is pretty open for you play it however you would like to. At the beginning of the game, you’ll be following a strict tutorial that allows you to practice programming your robots, but once you’ve got the hang of the basics, the world is, more or less, your oyster. (Oysters not included in game). With over 100 recipes for you to try out, Neon Noodles is all about experimenting.

At the moment, Neon Noodles is open for early access so people can try their skills at coding the perfect, most efficient neon kitchen for their robots to work in. And if you don’t feel like purchasing the early access version of the game, there’s also a free demo available to download. If you’re into coding or even cooking games like Overcooked, Neon Noodles is well worth trying out. It can get tough, but once you get into the groove of everything, you’ll have to best robot-run noodle restaurant in town.