PlayStation Network Leaks Resident Evil 3 Remake

Some cover art for a Resident Evil 3 remake leaked on the PSN yesterday, and fans are freaking out about the new character designs.

We all knew it was coming sooner or later. After the phenomenal success of the Resident Evil 2 remake earlier this year, there’s no way that Capcom wasn’t going to give fans a spruced-up modern version of Resident Evil 3 to follow it up.

And it looks like PSN has inadvertently confirmed our suspicions by leaking some cover art that clearly belongs to a Resident Evil 3 remake. Check it out below:


Fans’ reactions to the cover art and the new character designs have been fairly positive, especially to Nemesis’s horrific new look. People seem more divided on Jill’s appearance though, with some people criticising her for looking a bit like Natalie Portman, and others praising her for looking a bit like Natalie Portman. You can get a better look at Jill’s redesign below:

Even if you’re a bit iffy on the new character models, everyone seems to be excited about the game itself. And after these leaks, we can probably expect an official announcement from Capcom sooner rather than later!