Song of Horror Episode 3 Drops on Friday the 13th

The third episode of Protocol Games’ terrifying adventure Song of Horror will be releasing next week, adding new characters, locations and mysteries.

Friday the 13th is always a spooky day for superstitious folks, but next Friday, the 13th of December, might be even more terrifying than usual. Not only will those of us in the UK be anticipating the previous day’s General Election results (yikes!), but Protocol Games will also be dropping episode three of Song of Horror.

Song of Horror has the player investigate a paranormal mystery, which involves a cursed music box, a missing writer and a sinister entity that stalks you at every turn.


Episode three introduces new characters including Omar Nassiri, the writer’s coworker, and his pupil Grace Richards; as well as a cameo from a surprise character. Face new horrors as you explore deeper into the haunted University, changing between characters as you progress.

There are five episodes planned in total, with the first two having been released on Halloween earlier this year. Protocol Games claims that each episode takes inspiration from a different classic survival horror game, with the first two episodes influenced by Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill respectively. The cited inspiration for episode three is Hydravision Entertainment’s cult classic Obscure.

Song of Horror Episode 3 will be available from December 13th, either to purchase individually or accessible through the Song of Horror season pass, which will include all previous and future episodes.