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The Best Gifts to Buy a PlayStation Gamer

Know someone who adores their PlayStation but not sure what to buy them for Christmas? We’ve got you, fam.

With thousands of games, more accessories than you can shake a stick at, and peripherals covering the entire gamut of price ranges, it’s hard to know where to begin. But if you’re looking to surprise your PlayStation-playing pal with a great gift, you can’t go wrong with these ideas.

1PlayStation Plus Membership

If you’re a PlayStation gamer, chances are you’ll make use of a PS Plus membership. Available in 3, 6, or 12 month subscription cards, the great thing about gifting PS Plus is that even if the recipient already has a membership, it’s still useful to have more. Subscriptions stack, so gifting 12 months just means it’s another year until they’ll have to buy it themselves.


2NACON Revolution Unlimited Controller

The NACON Revolution Unlimited is one of the more expensive items on our PS4 gift list, but it’s one of the best controllers money can buy. Without an official Pro controller from Sony, this is one of a few options for a ‘premium’ experience. It’s wireless, has extra programmable buttons, a fantastic build quality, and a fancy LED light around the right thumbstick. It’s an absolute pleasure to use.


3DualShock 4 Charging Station

This charging station from PowerA allows users to charge two PS4 controllers at once, meaning you don’t have to hog all the PS4’s USB ports in order to put juice back in your pads. It looks pretty sleek, too, so it’ll make a nice addition to anybody’s gaming setup.


4PlayStation Coasters

Everyone drinks – and what better place to rest your glass/mug than a coaster sporting a classic PlayStation game? These coasters from Paladone are themed after Gran Turismo, WipEout, Parappa the Rapper and MediEvil. What’s not to love?


5Green Camouflage PS4 Controller

Maybe the NACON controller is a bit too expensive, but you can never have too many DualShock 4 controllers – especially when they come in funky colours. This green camo one is an official Sony controller, and at £30/$46 it’s pretty much a steal.


6PlayStation Store Gift Card

Obviously, games are at the heart of any PlayStation 4 gamer’s experience. But choosing a game for someone can be difficult, unless you know exactly what they already have and exactly what they want. The best way to circumvent it? A PlayStation Store gift card. Available in a variety of denominations, it allows the recipient to add credit to their account, buying whatever games they’d like from the PlayStation store. And since there are tonnes of games only available digitally, it opens them up to a wider selection of games than if you were to get a gift card for a physical retailer.


7PlayStation Christmas Jumper

Would it even be Christmas without an ugly festive jumper? We think probably not. This it’s-snowing-PlayStation-symbols knit is perfect for the season, whatever your age.


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