The Dawning Event Begins Today in Destiny 2

The Season of Dawn continues in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, with the return of The Dawning, an annual festival all about keeping warm and baking cookies.

Destiny 2 is bringing the festive cheer! Beginning today, December 17th at 5pm GMT and running until January 14th, The Dawning holiday event will be available for free to all players.

Much like last year’s Dawning event, the special vendor Eva Levante will be returning to the Tower, sending you on errands to bake and deliver cookies for vendors all across the solar system. It sounds wholesome enough, but in true Destiny 2 fashion, you’ll probably end up doing a lot more shooting than baking.


All of last years ingredients and recipies are returning along with some new ones for 2019, and there have also been a few improvements to the baking process. With each batch of cookies you deliver, it goes towards special festive bounties and rewards.

One of these rewards is a new SMG, the Cold Front, and players will also get another chance to win the awesome Avalance machine gun from last year. Weekly repeatable bounties during The Dawning will earn players Bright dust, which can be used to purchase rewards from the Everspace storefront.

The Dawning will be running in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep from December 17th until January 14th. Check out a trailer for the event below, or head over to the Bungie website for more information.