The Latest Humble Original Game is About Throwing Yourself Off a Balcony

This is definitely not one to try at home, kids.

The latest Humble Original game, which is out today in December’s Humble Month Bundle is Balconing Simulator 2020, a simple low-poly game about, well, chucking yourself off a balcony.

It’s a game that intends to answer the eternal question: if I jump off the balcony, will I land in the swimming pool?


And as you’ll find out through the course of playing Balconing Simulator 2020, the answer is, quite often, no. But it’s fine: this is a happy-go-lucky cartoon game, so if you miss the pool you’ll not need to scrape up a broken and bloody mess off the tiles. You simply hit ‘retry’ and give it another shot.

Developed by Fancy + Punk, Balconing Simulator 2020 is about as simple as they come. It’s not the sort of thing that’s going to keep you hooked for hours on end, but it might elicit the odd chuckle over the course of a 10-minute session.

Its controls are purposefully obfuscated: the left mouse button moves one leg while the right controls the other. Click them rhythmically to make your character walk; the faster you click, the quicker they’ll move. When it comes to throwing yourself off the balcony, the big moment, you’ll have a limited amount of control over your trajectory along with the ability to do some funky moves in the air.

Ultimately, Balconing Simulator 2020 is about racking up a high score: landing in the pool and throwing some shapes in the air is the key to performing well. And since the whole thing takes about a minute, it’s easy enough to hit ‘retry’ and give the whole thing another go.

If you happen to be a Humble Monthly subscriber, you have Balconing Simulator 2020 to look forward to in your December bundle. It’ll be available in the Humble Trove from 13th December.

You can sign up to Humble Monthly for $12 a month.