The Razer Junglecat Adds Joy-Cons to Your Phone

Razer’s Junglecat is an Android controller that makes your mobile look a lot like a Nintendo Switch, with a joy-con style layout for precision mobile gaming.

There are new mobile game streaming services popping up everywhere, from Google Stadia to Project xCloud to PS4 Remote Play, so a decent phone-friendly controller is something many of us should consider investing in.

The most stylish option on the market might come from Razer with the Junglecat, which essentially turns your phone into an Android Switch.


The Junglecat wraps right around your phone in a compact way, rather than adding a bulky and inconvenient accessory. Its standard button layout makes it compatible with a huge selection of games, but it is also entirely customisable through the Razer Gamepad app.

It’s not exactly a cheap solution, though: it’s £100/$100, which is rather pricey for a controller. It’s also only compatible with a handful of smartphones. Although the Razer Junglecat itself requires no specific hardware can be connected to any device that supports Bluetooth, it’s designed that each side of the controller will slide onto your device in the same way as the Switch’s Joy-Cons.

As such, it comes with three cases, compatible with three mobile phones:

  • In North America, you’ll get cases for Samsung Note 9, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Razer Phone 2.
  • In Europe, you’ll get cases for Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Razer Phone 2.

It’s a hard sell, then, if you don’t happen to have one of those handsets. Though many smartphones are around the same size these days, so it’s entirely feasible another phone may sit in the case (if you don’t mind some button holes or camera holes not lining up). We’ll be getting our hands on one of these things soon, so keep an eye out for our thoughts.

The Junglecat can be ordered directly from the Razer website or from Amazon.