Broken Lines is a Tactical RPG About the Horrors of War

Narrative-driven tactics game Broken Lines gets a harrowing new story trailer ahead of its release on PC and Nintendo Switch this year.

In an alternate-history World War II, a small squad of British soldiers crash-land behind enemy lines. Faced with death and despair, unimaginable violence and impossible choices, the fragile bonds between these brothers and sisters in arms may start to fracture.

Broken Lines is a tactical combat RPG in which you must manage the fighting abilities and precarious relationships of your team in order to get them home. Atmospheric and harrowing, the narrative created by your choices and their impact on the various characters will expose the horrors of war.


Broken Lines is planned for release in quarter one of this year on PC and Switch, so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait before we can play it. Check out the new trailer below, or for more information on the game you can head over to the PortaPlay website.