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Buy Nippon Marathon This Week to Help Australian Wildlife

Over the next week, indie studio Onion Soup is donating all profits from its party racing game Nippon Marathon to help wildlife affected by the Australian bushfires.

The bushfire crisis in Australia is reaching terrifying levels, with roughly five million hectares of land affected across the country, and almost half a billion animals dying as a result (according to some estimates). Most of us can’t donate $1 million to the cause like Chris Hemsworth has, but Onion Soup has pledged that all profits from Nippon Marathon on Steam between January 7th – 14th will go towards wildlife charities and responders in Australia who are trying to protect the animals.

Nippon Marathon is a four-player party racing game with wacky physics-based challenges and a colourful “Japanese game show” style aesthetic. It’s available on Steam for £11.99, and the charity benefitting from this week’s profits will be WIRES – the Wildlife Informantion Rescue and Education Service in New South Wales.

While Nippon Marathon is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, it seems that only the profits from Steam sales will be going to charity. Check out a trailer for the game below, or you can head over to the official Onion Soup website for more information.



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