Can You Promote Runes in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot?

In Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, Runes allow you to improve the stats of your equipment. But can you promote runes or increase their star rating?

On higher level weapons and equipment in Mighty Quest, you’ll see that there are ‘slots’. The amount of slots on an item can vary, but the slots can be filled with Runes. Runes come in a number of different shapes and sizes, and equipping them will add a boost to your health or damage.

Runes have a star rating: the higher the star rating, the better the rune, and the bigger the boost it will give to your stats. While RunesĀ canĀ be levelled up, you cannot unfortunately promote them to gain extra stars.


To level up your Runes in Mighty Quest, head to the blacksmith (“Forge” on the game’s bottom menu) and click “Runes” at the tom. It’ll show you which pieces of equipment have empty slots, and clicking on one will show you what available runes you have. From there, click on a rune and select “Upgrade”.

Unfortunately, upgrading Runes is a matter of luck. Each time you pay to upgrade, there’s a chance the upgrade will work. The higher level a rune is, the more expensive and the less chance there is of an upgrade working.

No matter what level you upgrade a Rune to, you’ll never be able to promote or increase its star rank, however. Higher-ranked runes can only be obtained by completing quests and trials. Harder difficulty castles in Adventure will wield high-rank Runes, but your hero will need to be seriously tough to be able to complete them.