Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Roadmap

Monster Hunter World Iceborne 1 (1)

Capcom has laid out a roadmap of free post-launch Monster Hunter World: Iceborne content for PC and consoles coming in the first half of this year.

Though the huge Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion has been out on consoles since September last year, PC users have only been able to brave the icy Hoarfrost Reach since earlier this month. So while players on Xbox One and PS4 have benefited from a load of free post-launch content already, the PC version has some catching up to do.

To clear up any confusion, Capcom has detailed which updates will be coming to each platform over the next few months, with the plan of syncing both versions in April.


The official Monster Hunter twitter page published a graphic yesterday which lays out the Title Update content roadmap, so check that out below:

It looks like players will be celebrating the Grand Appreciation Fest on both PC and console between January 24th and February 13th. The Title Update 1 will be coming to PC in February, with the addition of the Volcanic Region and Rajang monster, as well as the Raccoon City collaboration and Holiday Joy Fest. The Title Update 2 will come to PC in March, bringing the Stygian Zinogre, Safi’jiiva dragon and Tundra region. Over this time the console version will continue to get special event quests and varient monsters until the platform updates sync up in April.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as PC via Steam, and it requires the base game Monster Hunter World to play. Head over to the official Monster Hunter website to find out more about the game and future content.