Code Vein’s First DLC is Now Available

Code Vein Hellfire Knight

It’s been just over a few months since Code Vein released, so you know what time it is: DLC time!

Hellfire Knight, the first DLC drop for Code Vein, is available now, and it introduces a new side story which concludes with a fight against the titular Hellfire Knight.

There’s more to the Hellfire Knight DLC than that though. It also introduces a new Blood Code to the game, as well as three new weapons and alternative partner costumes. To make use of them, you can explore a new area, too: The Fiery Oblivion. Can you traverse its nooks and crannies, plunder it for all of its goodies and emerge alive? Find out by downloading the DLC.


Code Vein‘s Hellfire Knight DLC is available right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC and costs £7.99/$9.99. It’s also included in the game’s season pass, which is available for £19.99/$24.99. Check out the trailer for the Hellfire Knight DLC below. A second piece of DLC will follow in February, apparently, and then a third in March. Read our review of Code Vein if you’ve not yet picked it up.