Dead by Daylight Launches Huge Reckoning Update Today

For players that jump back into the fog today in Dead by Daylight, they’ll have lots of new features to look forward to.

A few months ago Dead by Daylight’s very first Tome was released and was met with mixed reactions from fans. Some really enjoyed the extra ways to get points and strategise their play style, while others found some of the quests to be much too challenging. The second Tome launches today, titled “Reckoning”, and with it comes new challenges and lots of new updates.

While the first tome focused a lot on characters Claudette and The Trapper, Tome number II is said to focus on the characters The Doctor, The Spirit, Jane Romero and David King. Players can expect to get more story, outfits and charms for these beloved characters.


In addition to these updates, a community-created collection will hit, including outfits for Feng Min and and the Clown. Along with this, players can expect a Chinese New Year-themed skin for Jake Park and new charms. If a player wishes to visit a previous Tome, they can open the new Compendium as well.

If you’re loading up Dead by Daylight to check out all of this new content then you might be interested in the sale that developer Behaviour Interactive is currently running. Tome II main characters will be on sale for 30% off in the in-game store and the new Rift will be available for 1000 Auric Cells (in-game currency.)

See you in the fog!